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Now let’s check on the information of 0950006981 injector.

0950006981 Fuel Injection Common Written

For the same product, it has different common written in different countries. Usually, 0950006981 is written as follow:

095000-6980 095000-6982 095000-6983 0950006981 0950006981
095000-6986 095000-6987 0950006981 095000-6989 950006981


0950006981 Injection Application Information

It is important to choose the correct type of injection for your injection, they are both applicable for completely different injections, and when you are looking for injections, we believe the following information on the injections they are applicable for will help you.


Type Common rail G2 injection
Part Number 0950006981
Order Number 0950006981
Applicable Car number



Engine Model 4JJ1
0950006981 injection Size Size: 24cm*12 cm *6 cm
MOQ 4 Pieces


Above are basic information for 0950006981 injection, if you are interested in more details of 0950006981, please check:

Technical data:https://www.0950006981.com/download/




Product encyclopedia:https://www.0950006981.com/category/news/encyclopedia/



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How To Buy 0950006981.com’s 0950006981 Injection

Customers only need 4 steps to purchase fuel parts from 0950006981.com.

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0950006981.com will arrange one on one customer service when you purchase injections from us. After customers receives within 15 days , customer can send them back to replace or repair if there is a performance failure with conditions of no appearance damage on these surface.

Besides, 0950006981.com provides technical training and 6-12 months warranty for our products so that customers don’t need to worry about the quality.